Adriana Felix
Clay Dolls

“Every person that has one of my dolls receives a piece of the culture. It can remind them who they are, and the
people that have shaped their life.”

Cultural Community: Yaqui
Location: Tucson, AZ

Adriana Felix

Adriana Felix is a Yaqui artist, raised in Tucson, Arizona who creates detailed clay dolls. Since a child, Adriana was always drawn to art and the details in creating it. Adriana’s parents were raised in the community of Old Pascua. Here she learned to cherish and be inspired by her Yaqui culture. Growing up in Tucson she attended the Easter ceremonies in Old Pascua and was surrounded by the colors, music, Pascolas, Matachin, and the Deer Dancers. These experiences help her create her artistic expression.

She continued to create her art form, specifically clay dolls because she always enjoyed creating 3- dimensional artwork. Adriana had an accident that involved her fingers while attending the University of New Mexico. She did physical therapy to heal her injuries and used clay to exercise her fingers. Adriana was working at the National Hispanic Cultural Center while also working on creating clay dolls. This led to her selling her dolls at the center’s gift shop. 

To share her culture, she began creating Pascolas and Deer Dancers and sold these at the Old Pascua Museum in Tucson. Adriana enjoys sharing her art with her community, it promotes cultural pride and gives them something special that they can also share with others. She also creates Legacy Dolls, detailed figures of loved ones who have passed away.

Adriana is motivated in her work, everything she creates she views as a gift to help her community.