Jerolyn Honwytewa
Hopi Overlay Silver work/Hopi Sifter Basket

“I love making jewelry and weaving
baskets because creating things
by hand brings happiness to me.”

Cultural Community: Hopi
Location: Second Mesa, AZ

Jerolyn Honwytewa

Hello, my name is Jerolyn Honwytewa. I am Corn clan (Qáö’wungwa) from the village of Mishungnovi. I am a Hopi Silversmith, as well as a traditional Hopi sifter basket weaver.

Growing up I had watched my mother and father make Hopi overlay-style silver work. We would travel to various art shows around the Southwest. Seeing the art world and the people a part of it encouraged me to learn, so I started creating in 2015.

Now, years later I am still creating and learning the Hopi overlay style silverwork. I first learned how to make Hopi baskets from my grandmother. The young girls and women of my family would all go out to the desert and we would help gather yucca plants. Then we would sit outside our grandmother’s house to help clean and split the yucca. Those were always the best times I had during my childhood.
Asquali! (Thank you)

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