Mark Talayumptewa
Hopi Overlay Silverwork

“I strive to keep the generations
of teachings that have been instilled in
me alive and strong. ”

Cultural Community: Hopi
Location: Second Mesa, AZ

Hello, my name isĀ Mark Talayumptewa. I learned silver work through the mentorship of Gerald Lomaventema and Jerolyn Honwytewa. They both have shared their knowledge and experience, and I am grateful for the time they took to teach me the step-by-step processes of the art. They encouraged me to try, improve, and continue my efforts.

Silversmithing represents a significant history of a long line of Hopi silver artists. History of individuals who learned an art form through past trading with relations established outside of Hopi. Perfecting the art form and enabling individuals to express themselves spiritually, culturally, and mentally. Also providing the opportunity to make a living to support what is most important to Hopi: my family.

My grandfather is one of the many past Hopi Silver Artists. My family is the sole inspiration for everything I do. I myself have the feeling of accomplishment, self-expression, and cultural expression, and drives my passion. I express myself through my creations.