Samuel Masayumptewa
Hopi Traditional Katsina Dolls

“I always wanted to keep my culture alive. Those younger than me who are interested, I have something to share with you: Yeah I went through it, it’s a process.”

Cultural Community: Hopi
Location: Winslow, AZ

Samuel Masayumptewa, a Hopi artist from Oraibi, AZ who has been creating Traditional Hopi Katsina Dolls since the age of 10. Samuel learned by observing the people in his community who created traditional art passed down for cultural purposes. He started by using some of his father’s wood and supplies, observed, caught on to the practice, and proceeded to arrive at where he is now.

In an effort to keep his culture and traditions alive, everything he creates is made from all-natural materials. The color he uses consists of an artistic and unique process that mainly uses raw natural materials such as earth tone pigment paints for his Katsina dolls.

Samuel continues to push himself every day to do the things he enjoys and loves, such as art, not only for himself but for his village as well. He puts his village and people first, which is why his business is called Oraivi Arts, in reference to his home, Oraibi. Oraibi is the oldest, continuously inhabited village in the U.S. 

Samuel wants to make his grandfather happy by continuing the legacy where he left off.  

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