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Auction items and current highest bids. Live auction opens Feb. 1 and closes at 5pm on Feb. 8, 2024.

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Maso Bwikam

BAA WEHAI, BUEJA, BAA PO WEHAI , BWEHEIM- YOEME JICARA DE AGUA – SPANISH WATER DRUM – ENGLISH XICALLI – is the NAHUATL word for gourd, not for water drum These floating … Read more


Wooden saguaro with multicolored flowers, lizard and hummingbird made and painted by hand. Approximate dimensions: height 9 inches and width 6 inches piece. No returns on this product, and shipping is … Read more

Earrings & Pendant set of Catrina

Earrings and pendant in the shape of a wooden catrina made and painted by hand. The earrings have an approximate dimension of 1 1/4 inches high x 1 inch wide, … Read more


Hand painted and hand carved wooden cat in gray with white and black. Different shades of gray and gold details on the ears Approximate dimensions of the piece: 7 3/4 … Read more