Loom Artist Resources Page

Loom “How to” videos and PDF to manage your Loom marketplace, do your taxes, etc.

Calendar of events for Loom Artists

Updated May 2024


  • Loom Artist Meet-Up (in-person) at the Tucson Art and Design Center, Group activities/discussion: “How can Loom best serve you and your community?” Photo workshop.
  • March 1: deadline to complete Artist Pages
  • March 11 – March28: preview and Silent Auction
  • Thursday, March 28, 5-7pm: Auction Closing Happy Hour, Bar Crisol, downtown Tucson.
  • April 2: AZ Gives Day
  • May 13: Special Meet Up, Pascua Yaqui Wellness Center – Mosaic Room
  • August 17: possible in-person “pop-up” market in southern Tucson, save the date!

Live Markets 2024

  • August 17: possible live Loom “pop-up” market in southern Tucson, save the date
  • August: Apply for Made in Tucson (MinT) a one-day event twice a year in spring and fall. Organized by Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition
  • August: Apply for the Native Music Coalition’s Craft Market
  • Mission Gardens
  • Tumacocari Fiesta
  • SWAIA, Santa Fe
  • Heard Museum Indian Art Market
  • Hopi Festival, Flagstaff
  • October 4-6: Tucson Meet Yourself
  • Tribal community conferences
  • Loom pop ups, TBD


  • Friday Nov 10 – New artists onboarded to Loom
  • Thurs October 5, 5 pm – 6:30 pm PST – Tax workshop for Loom Artists, with Elaine Grogan Luttrull, Minerva Financial Arts (on Zoom)
  • Fri – Sun Oct 13-16 Tucson Meet Yourself Festival – come visit this free festival; many Loom artists participate annually
  • Sun Nov 12, 1 pm-3 pm – Loom Artist Meet-Up (in-person) at the Tucson Art and Design Center, to prepare for the upcoming live market.  
  • Friday, December 1, 11 am – 7pm – Exclusive live market and silent auction, Pima County Historic Courthouse (in-person, all-day event)

FAQs for Artists

Q: Where did the idea for Loom come from?
A: During the pandemic, we asked traditional artists in Arizona what their needs were. Many said a virtual marketplace, since many could not meet in person. 

Q: Does Loom take a commission or charge overhead for my artwork?
A: No, the Southwest Folklife Alliance does not charge commission or overhead.  However, we do invite each Loom artist to donate an artwork of their choice to an annual  auction (to be held every October at the Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival).  All funds generated at that auction go directly back into Loom.

Q: How do people know my work is for sale on Loom?
A: Tell your customers, family, friends and community to visit your products online at loom.market. You can link to the market from your social media, share via word of mouth, send emails, hand out cards, etc. This virtual platform is for you, and will serve you best the more you share it.

Q: How do I know when a customer purchases something?
A: You will get an email alerting you to the sale. Please check your email regularly. Please read the Order Notes – sometimes customers will write something there as well.

Q: How quickly do I need to ship out orders?
A: Ideally, within 3-5 business days.

Q: What if I do not want to allow returns on certain items?
A: You must write “non-returnable item” in the description box for each item that you do not want open for returns.

Q: If I do allow returns, how does that work?
A: We will alert you if a customer wants to return an item. If they are returning it because they do not like/want it, then they pay to return it to you the same way you shipped it out to them. If the item arrived damaged, then you will send them a shipping label to cover the return cost (we can help you with this part). You could also make an insurance claim, if you had insurance on your outgoing shipping.

Q: Who do I ask questions of or contact if I need help or have feedback?
A: The Loom Admin Team welcomes your questions and feedback. Email sfaloom@gamil.com.

Q: How will I get paid?
A: You will be paid by either electronic payment to your bank account or by paper check, depending on how you set up your payments.

Q: Am I taxed for my artwork I sell on Loom?
A: Since this is your business, you are responsible for any local, tribal, city or state taxes related to artwork you sell. As a Loom Artist, you complete a W-9 when you sign up to join the site. You will receive a 1099 from us in early February each year. This means you will need to submit this 1099 when you do your taxes. 

Q: Help! I don’t know what that means!
A: Don’t panic! We will be hold business and tax workshops open to all Loom Artists, so you can learn the best ways to keep track of your business expenses and income.

Q: Once I’m a Loom Artist, how do I apply to the Loom Investment Fund, to get financial support for technology?
A: You can fill out this simple Loom Artist Investment Fund form here.

Q: What if I need more technical help uploading products?
A: Go to our How To page.