Clown Mask


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Artist: Louis Valenzuela

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The clown mask represents the joker, to entertain everyone in enjoying and looking forward to the upcoming traditional event. Some people may consider him as a comedian.

  • Dimension: 8″ length and 5″ width
  • Type of wood: Chilicote (Red coral tree) from Rio Yaqui in Vicam
  • Colors: Acrylic paints of black represents death that everyone goes through, white represents the candle lighting of human life, also Christ’s robe for dying to bring us life and red represents the blood of Christ and bloodshed in the Yaquis & Mexican Revolution, yellow represents the beam of the sun and blue represents the sky.
  • Symbol: Triangles (under eyes) represents tear drops of our people who we lost in battles and raindrops.
  • Other: Horsehair is used for the eyebrows and bottom of the chin which are stitched in.

Note: Every mask that is purchase comes with a story booklet that describes the mask and meaning of symbols that are painted, including artist original signature.


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